Message In a Backpack!

“Message in a bottle” is passe! Discover “Message in a backpack”!

Ever wanted to send a coded message on a t-shirt or backpack? Discover our “message backpacks”. At Backpack Zen, we constantly innovate to bring new and useful products to you.

Message in a backpack

Encode a secret message, website or just about anything else as a QR code and let the world scan its way to you!

“What can I say”, you ask? Anything within reason – in 120 characters!

Just enter your message, design and order your backpack. When someone scans the QR code on your backpack, they will see your message. It is that simple!

About BackpackZen

It is said that a Zen Master is at once individualistic and yet one with the world. Always calm, altruistic and wise beyond her years. Our line of fully personalizable backpacks strive to capture that mysticism of Zen – the individuality of its creator and her oneness with the world, at the same time. Making you a fully personalized, premium quality backpack is Zen for us. What is yours?

Order yours today!